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one last little art post before I hunker down and get to work! I actually really like that portrait :’)

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decided to color these sketches from twitter! (more of this idea)

just one more week you guys!!


Here’s a quick look at what my process looks like nowadays! I really only use the default pen settings in sai and the air brush for most of my coloring. Once everything’s merged, I use this brush:

to fix up some shapes which I definitely see better once all the colors are laid out. As for color palettes/theory, that’s still something I’m figuring out for myself, but don’t be afraid to rely on photos/pre-existing color palettes to test the waters!


kinda coloring practice and kinda just for fun!

the drawing on the bottom was referenced from this

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here’s some haicuties based on yachi’s dream! I remember I told an anon I would draw these two like 3000 years ago, sorry it took so long!! OTL


I hardly ever draw negative expressions so these were just short practices w/o reference. I was drawing this next to my mom and she kept asking why these children were so distressed…..ahaha…


some stuff from twitter! I’m still not really content with anything I’ve been drawing nowadays, but coloring is still as fun as ever :)

also, happy valentine’s day everyone, hope it was swell! and if your day isn’t over just yet, be safe and have lot’s of fun!



swapped the colors on my ocs!

also, I’m going to start actually using my twitter which has been collecting dust ever since I got it and there’ll mostly be sketches like these there!

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artblock and I are rly good friends rn :T


posting as a text post cuz somehow that makes it less official


I do feel bad that there’s so few guys in my art tag so yeah here’s older!eren scribble which I made somewhat acceptable to post here

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